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Note: This problem affects only old Dos versions of Home Plan Pro.
Fast CPU Problem: Affected machines: Pentium 233/266+ and Pentium Pro 200
A problem with the Borland library code used in Home Plan and Home Plan Pro has recently surfaced.

If you attempt to run these programs on a computer fitted with a Pentium 233 or faster, or a Pentium Pro 200 the program crashes on startup with a runtime error 200. (see further down for details)

This problem has been fixed on any programs accessible from this site, or obtained from Home Plan Software.

If you are experiencing this problem, download a replacement from this site, or E-mail your serial number to get a patched registered copy.

The problem is in the initialization code in the Borland Pascal compiler used to compile these programs.
A calculation relating to CPU clock speed was stored in a variable that is simply too small to hold the large number required by the high speed processors.
So it's not really a bug, but a lack of design foresight.

If you want to know more about this problem, click here for a detailed discussion

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